Revolting without Replicating.

Power is tempting. In chapter two of The Rise of the Blogosphere,we learn how Thomas Paine fought for the freedom of the press, how he told everyone what the government wouldn’t. In one of his excerpts he writes,

“In America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is the law, so in free countries the law OUGHT to be King; and there ought to be no other” (23).

This is an idea that questions the motive of every person in a position of power. What was the point of fighting for freedom if you are just going to take on the role of the oppressor? Did you really want to be free, did you really care about the people, or did you just want that kind of power?

Photo: “Intersectionality,” MTSOfan (Flickr)

This is the same idea that many apply to movements today. For example, white/mainstream feminism functions under the guise of feminism but its actions are not at all inclusive. White feminists scream about vaginas and nipples and 79 cents while ignoring many, if not all, of the issues pertaining to transwomen and women of color. They are silent about racism, the systematic oppression of people of color around the globe. They are silent about the fact that women of color make even less money than white women.

And so the question is raised:  Do you really want to be free? Do you really care about ALL people? Or do you just want to be viewed on the same level and have the same power as white men?

Whether if be the press in the 18th century or activists in the 21st, if we want true freedom, true equality, we have to fight for every body, not matter what. We must revolt not replicate the conditions of our oppression.


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