Media and Social Justice: Chapter Fifteen

There was a paragraph or two of this chapter that really stood out to me because they were about white privilege. I always enjoy reading others that call out privilege and bring to light a lot of the different ways race can affect your life in terms of privilege. However, the language used in the paragraphs really took me by surprise. For example, cities were referred to as “chocolate” because there are large amounts of black people within them and suburbs are “vanilla” because of all the white people. In addition, “whites” was used repeatedly. I see this all as dehumanizing. While I enjoy the work being done by these paragraphs and the messages within them, I think we need to be more careful when we talk about these things. Referring to people as flavors is actually kind of disturbing and rude, especially when these flavors are often used to fetishize people. It is also very uncomfortable since the overall idea of the paragraph is calling out inequality in schools. The repeated use of “whites” to refer to white people was uncomfortable for me because, again, it takes the idea of “people.” When we call people “chocolate,” or “the whites,” or “the blacks,” we are turning people into flavors, into colors, instead of just calling them people.

This may all seem like a very whiny, very insignificant thing to worry about, but I just feel as though we are in a time when people are already dehumanized enough. As I said, I really liked this section. I just think we can be more mindful of the ways we address these issues with our speech.


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