Media and Social Justice: Chapter Nine

One idea that I really found interesting about chapter nine, was that scholarship and activism are entwined. This chapter points out how feminist research and activism are often hard to separate. I had never thought of it like this before. I think we have this predetermined idea of activism that is the complete opposite of scholarship. Activism is raw, gritty, impolite. There are no rules to activism. Activism is fighting and shouting for your rights. On the other hand, scholarship is supposed to be very uptight with many rules. There is structure and big words. There is an overall assumed intelligence. There isn’t supposed to be fighting or impoliteness or even contractions. In general, activism and scholarship have completely different stereotypes. However, as this chapter points out, they don’t have to be polar opposites. They can come together and be completely functional together. It isn’t a binary. A lot of the time, justice is being achieved through a mix of both research and activist work. They are two forms of the same fight and that is something that is incredibly powerful to me.


One thought on “Media and Social Justice: Chapter Nine

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