Media and Social Justice: Chapter Six

In this second portion of the book, chapter six really stood out to me. The idea of fighting for media justice, the way it is written in this book is incredibly powerful. After the conference, introducing people to and giving them a better understanding of media justice, the people said that they understood better the importance of “fighting the media to get your story told” and “coming up with a strategy to get through the media by being courageous and demanding.” And this is where my rant begins. I think what makes me so upset is that you have to fight. While I know that this is so powerful and important and strong and inspiring, but WHY. Why does it have to be so difficult!? I had a post on Facebook not too long ago posing kind of the same question. Why is it so bad to want a world in which people actually have empathy? Why is it that when we are fighting for basic human rights and justice, we are met with insults and shooed away like annoying children? Why doesn’t everyone acknowledge that there are human beings out there that need help, that deserve a better life. Why is it so bad to want everyone to be happy, to have a fair chance at a good life? I just feel like we shouldn’t have to fight. But we do. And I am so, so proud of everyone that is not afraid. I am moved and inspired by everyone that speaks out against every form of injustice.

And if we have to be special snowflakes, I hope we can be the blizzard that ends injustice.


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