Media and Social Justice: Introduction

What stuck with me above all else in this first chunk of the book, was the idea of the “moral awakening.” Not to say that there isn’t other really valuable and important content in this entire chunk, but this phrase/event stood out the most to me because of the subject matter of my second project. In that project, I wrote about turning physical bodies into metaphors and how that can be detrimental to the movements that are centered around the physical existence of people of color and their lives. For example, we often take a physical event and turn it to fit a narrative that focuses on what the event could mean, what it could symbolize.

In this first section of this book, however, I began to realize that sometimes concepts are necessary, that not all concepts are bad. It is concepts and the spread of them that actually awaken people to the cause. Once that concept begins to circulate within society, it is that concept that connects people. Plus, concepts are what we fight for. We fight for education, we fight for rights, we fight for law reform.

While I still think the act of using injustice as a symbol can be harmful, I am not understanding that it isn’t always that way. I think sometimes it is so easy for me to be one-sided in my thinking these days, it is easy for me to be defensive, and I think that as someone who engages in activism, I should focus more on open-mindedness and educating myself further.


One thought on “Media and Social Justice: Introduction

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