Celebrating Black Twitter: A Culture

The video below is by Evelyn From The Internets, a popular Black Youtuber and influencer. Evelyn’s video is an example of Black Twitter’s hilarity and strength. Black Twitter is made up of people rooted in jokes, who connected by education, social and political awareness and pop culture. In every aspect of daily life, the is a tweet or meme from Black Twitter to deal with it. I mentioned in a previous post that Black Twitter is not afraid to drag someone for their ignorance and/or racism. Evelyn’s video proves my point.

Black Twitter is a heart, circulating a culture that is full of music and comedy. Black Twitter is notorious for creating memes that turn into global trends. New dances and dance challenges consistently take the internet by storm. The language of Black Twitter is constantly evolving, adding new phrases. For example, here is a video by Blavity called “If Black Twitter Went On a Date With You #BlackTwitterDate.” Words like “fleek,” “salty,” “slay” and “lit,” are all words that have come from African American Vernacular English, a dialect of English spoken by Black Americans. These words and phrases are often written off as “not proper” or capitalized and profited off of by the mainstream, but Black Twitter continues adding to their dictionary, changing the language of our society.

The interaction of Black Twitter is truly unique. There is laughter in our hearts, music in our souls and our mouths sing a language that tastes like freedom.


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