Celebrating Black Twitter: An Introduction

Planning this project, I went through so many issues that I wanted to write on but when I thought about where I learned about all of these issues, where I hear the most about them, I was always led back to Twitter, more specifically Black Twitter. So, I decided to write about just that.  Black Twitter is a little section of the internet just for Black people. It is a space just for us created in a world that is so dominated by racism, by wealthy white males. As a black woman who has always struggled with feeling like they don’t belong, engaging in Black Twitter has been a huge source of support and joy.

In my first post, Celebrating Black Twitter: Blacktivism, I describe the way Black Twitter has become an advocate for people of color. From feminism to police brutality, Black Twitter is no afraid to educate or drag anyone, outside of the community or inside.

In my second post, Celebrating Black Twitter: Solidarity, I talk about the way in which Black Twitter is a safehaven for people like me, people that have always been made to feel as though they were subhuman, less than the people around them. Racism is traumatic and no one should have to experience that alone.

In my third, and final, post, Celebrating Black Twitter: A Culture, I discuss the way the people of Black Twitter interact with one another. Black Twitter has become a birthplace for new aspects of Black culture. Through Black artists, writers and music, Black Twitter is a celebration of Black culture and language.

Social media is so often frowned upon by people from older generations and activism defined by physical acts, but for us, Twitter has become so much more than just another site. Black Twitter is an extension of all of us, an extension fueled by the desire for justice, love for one another, and a culture that runs through each of us.


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