Celebrating Black Twitter: Solidarity

While activism is a large reason for Black Twitter’s overwhelming presence, it is undeniable that the community has become so much more than just a corner of the internet for a lot of Black people. Black Twitter has connected Black people globally, despite different ethnicities and backgrounds. People have created support systems for those without them, for those in hostile environments. Black Twitter has become a space for people in predominately White environments who feel like they don’t belong and/or experience racism on a daily basis.

Living in racism is hard. It is painful and weighs heavy on a life. When you look around and see body after body gunned down in the street, when you hear slur after slur it makes you feel less then. It makes you feel like the “Other.” Creating an online community  where you can find and talk to others that feel just like you is so important.


As I mentioned in the previous post, Black Twitter often fights colorism by creating hashtags to pair with photos of each other, celebrating their skintones. This tactic doubles as a confidence bootser. Black Twitter promotes self-care, appreciating the Black body, like with skin color, and Black hair. The natural hair movement is overwhelmingly popular on Black Twitter, with women sharing photos of their afros and other popular Black hairstyles. Through hashtags, Black Twitter celebrates every aspect of Black life that white supremacy says we should hate. Black is beautiful and Black Twitter seeks to prove that.

Black Twitter comes with pride. Despite what it may look like from outside, inside it is a comfort for so many people. It is a space where they can feel comfortable expressing themselves and sharing their lives. Black Twitter is not just one giant SJW, it’s a safehaven.



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